more dodgy DPFs

Particulate filters are the latest emissions control idea for Diesels. The only major problem is that they have a life span as short as 30,000 miles if a car only gets local town use and the dealers consider their £2000 replacement costs to be an acceptable service charge. Personally we feel that’s a more reasonable cost for a new engine, never mind a wearing component that you’ll need to change again. because of this we do a lot of DPF removals. We bypass the filter assembly and the car then gets sent to have the ECU decoded. the whole lot costs around £200 to £500 and you’ll never need another DPF. You’ll also gain a bit of power as an added extra. This BMW had a full stainless system built for better performance and had the car remapped while he was at it. It produced driveshaft snapping torque figures once finished.

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