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low rider

Friday, October 5th, 2012

This classic cortina gets used in the occasional hillclimb and sprint event, which having worked on it is very brave of the owner. These things are worth a bob or two and he’s a brave man throwing it around a track. Especially considering he restored it from a basket case by himself. All we had to do on this one was get him some more ground clearance. The exhaust had been custom built elsewhere but it didn’t really fit his needs. The car is lower than standard and the exhaust scraped in various places. We reused a large amount of what was already there but with a few changes we tucked the exhaust away. There was so much extra clearance that we were able to lower the engine slightly which will help the cars handling. If I had a car this valuable and I was throwing about on a race track I’d want the handling to be perfect!

Lomax exhaust

Friday, April 27th, 2012

Based around a Citroen 2CV, this little Lomax 3 wheeler kit car must be the most fun you can have at 30MPH. We love cars like this because they’re so full of character and you can have so much fun enjoying the driving experience without the need to be at breakneck speeds. This was a simple case of moving the exhaust from the nearside to the drivers side. The exhausts are normally placed on the passenger side to avoid deafening the driver but in this case the owner had bigger problems. The exhaust was irritating his girlfriend at that’s never a good idea!. We rebuilt the front pipes and fitted a stainless steel silencer supplied by the customer. Once the summer comes around this little car should bring it’s owner many happy journeys to work in the sunshine.

Classic Ford Capri Custom exhaust

Friday, April 27th, 2012

This Classic Capri needed a bit of TLC on the exhaust. The owner wanted something a bit more special from the sound and the look. We settled on a mild steel exhaust build as the car doesn’t get much use. We used a simple stainless steel exhaust tip to finish off the look.

keeping it simple

Monday, August 1st, 2011

This signum came in with the back boxes blowing on it. The replacements were expensive to say the least and the owners fancied something a little sportier so we decided to build him the rear section in mild steel. the car comes with a large centre box and 2 massive back boxes. To our surprise with the rear boxes removed the car sounded a bit more aggressive but the noise was hardly any louder. We had expected to need to replace the rear boxes to keep the volume sensible but Vauxhall had obviously been pretty cautious with the number of boxes fitted. With some simple pipework and a couple of nice tips the job was cheap and sounded great.