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classic BMW under renovation

Friday, April 27th, 2012

After having a mad run on modern BMW’s wanting Diesel Particulate Filter (DPF) removals we had this little classic come through the door. The owner was taking the time to bring the car to date as he carried out a rolling restoration. Items such as Poly bushes in the suspension, uprated brakes and an air-conditioning unit are all either done or being done. This type of gentle modernisation is a speciality of ours and is the ultimate in recycling. You can drive around in a beautiful car which can keep up with modern traffic whilst knowing you’ve saved the planet by avoiding another car going on the scrap heap. Our part was a simple stainless steel exhaust build. The customer wanted a little more noise but nothing excessive. We kept the number of boxes to a minimum as this helps reduce the cost too. We look forward to seeing the cara again when it’s completed.

Boys Toys

Tuesday, November 29th, 2011

This BMW is a track day regular but as the owners talent has grown he felt the need for more grip. We carried out a full geoetry check but as a lot of the car was standard we could do little more than adjust the tracking. The customer decided to start his upgrades with a set of camber adjustable top mounts. These allowed us to improve the geometry to give him more front end grip. Next on the list is a set of coilovers. One step at a time though

more dodgy DPFs

Thursday, September 8th, 2011

Particulate filters are the latest emissions control idea for Diesels. The only major problem is that they have a life span as short as 30,000 miles if a car only gets local town use and the dealers consider their £2000 replacement costs to be an acceptable service charge. Personally we feel that’s a more reasonable cost for a new engine, never mind a wearing component that you’ll need to change again. because of this we do a lot of DPF removals. We bypass the filter assembly and the car then gets sent to have the ECU decoded. the whole lot costs around £200 to £500 and you’ll never need another DPF. You’ll also gain a bit of power as an added extra. This BMW had a full stainless system built for better performance and had the car remapped while he was at it. It produced driveshaft snapping torque figures once finished.

Burnt Body Kit

Tuesday, June 14th, 2011

This BMW had been treated to an M3 kit but needed some exhaust work. the standard exhaust had been sitting against the body kit and melted the back bumper. The request was to give the car a copy of the M3’s quad tip design. This was a tall order as the back box sat right up against the bumper leaving no room for pipework. We designed a system that turned the gas flow around and brought it forwards again before heading back to the tips. The look and sound was exactly as the customer wanted

’tis the season to build roll cages

Monday, December 6th, 2010

I think the snow must have made everyone a little cautious. This is the third roll cage we’ve built in as many weeks. This time it’s for a track car built by our friends at Rapid Remap. This car is foir promotional use and they guys wanted it to look the part and be safe too. Rapid Remap take care of our remapping services, they’re experts in their field, offering a superb tailored service. They take such good care of their customers we’re happy to refer people to them, knowing they’ll be in safe hands. This BMW has had uprated suspension and the Rapid Remap hydrogen drive system fitted. The car interior had been stripped ready for the roll cage. It’s just a simple rear cage but should provide the safety they need.