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Missing misfire

Thursday, September 8th, 2011

This Astra race car came to us with a misfire that only occurs after half an hour or so of running on the race track. We did a few checks and  a bit of digging around. The ECU is a Canems which we use quite a lot of. After running a little data logging and looking at the program it showed the injectors were running beyond their duty cycle and some temperature corrections seemed a little odd. We changed the whole throttle body assembly for one with bigger injectors and the car was remapped to suit. So far it looks as though the problem is solved.

Mild steel, wild car

Thursday, July 28th, 2011

This Astra GTE is a full on race car kicking out over 250Bhp. The tired old exhaust was neither big enough nor up to the job of meeting the noise regulations. We designed and built a system using 2.5 inch mandrel bent mild steel pipe and boxes big enough to keep the noise within the regulations. the object is to get maximum flow which normally means just scraping in on the noise test. This one had 4db to spare. On race cars it’s important to get the whole thing tucked well up so it doesn’t get pulled off if the car runs wide on a corner. Extra hangers ensure this race car sees the chequered flag every time.

Testing tyres

Wednesday, March 30th, 2011

AA Sport has teamed up with Practical Performance Car magazine again for some tyre testing. tyres are the most important factor in performance driving, getting them working well is a test for the driver and mechanic. Gathering data from the tyres will tell you how well the car is set up and help improve things. It’s a labourious process but worth the effort. Our test car is an astra GTE race car.  Read how we get on in Practical Performance Car mag.