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Capri Exhaust manifolds

Friday, October 5th, 2012

In between jobs we’ve been working on some new manifolds for our Capri Race car. Proper exhaust manifolds take a long time to make but there’s a lot of calculations to make before the welding begins. Race manifolds need to take into account all sorts of details about the design of the engine, head, valves, cams and even the gear ratio’s and rolling road power plot. Once all of that is taken into consideration the work can begin. You can see from the picture how much is involved with getting so much tube wrapped around the engine bay. The power gains are well worth it though.

Capri Development

Tuesday, August 14th, 2012

The AA Sport/AA Silencers Capri race car continues to be developed in between other commitments. The latest development is with the rear axle location. These bars reduce both axle tramp and lateral movement. An added advantage is that by moving the pickup points we’ve been able to change the roll axis of the car and hopefully improve the handling. More testing is required but it looks good so far

V6 Pinto Capri

Tuesday, August 14th, 2012

Back in the 80’s this would have been a common mod. we built a mild steel exhaust for this 2.0 Pinto engined Capri so it looked like the V6 engine version from the rear. Determined not to be all show and no go the owner is bust getting tuning parts together for the engine and we will help him get it all assembled. Next on the list id weber carbs, and maybe cams. Capri twin exit exhaust

Classic Ford Capri Custom exhaust

Friday, April 27th, 2012

This Classic Capri needed a bit of TLC on the exhaust. The owner wanted something a bit more special from the sound and the look. We settled on a mild steel exhaust build as the car doesn’t get much use. We used a simple stainless steel exhaust tip to finish off the look.

Ford Capri gets more aerodynamics

Friday, April 27th, 2012

The AA Silencers Ford Capri is always getting little developments here and there. Because of a change in championship regulations we have been able to develop a new front splitter and diffuser. The device is designed to control the airflow to the under body section. The splitter harvests pressure ahead of the car to create downforce. Further back air is accelerated to create downforce towards the middle of the car. The new front section controls the air in stages to manage its flow. It is also designed to create vortices along the underbody to seal the floor section and improve downforce. It’s not a perfect design as we have to work within the regulations but it vastly improves lap times. Also fitted are a type of dive plane in front of the rear wheel. Unlike regular dive planes these are mostly to deflect air from the exposed portion of the the tyre.

PPC in the Park

Tuesday, June 14th, 2011

AA Silencers were at Practical performance car’s annual show and Mallory Park. AA Silencers owner Mark Hammersleys is a writer for the magazine and gave passenger rides and driver tuition at the show. He also took out the magazines Rolls Royce for some demo laps. AA Silencers staff also took their cars out for some track action

Capri Construction

Monday, November 29th, 2010

The AA Silencers Capri is finally going back together. The inside and engine bay have been painted and lots of weight taken out. There have been various changes to the oil and cooling systems plus fuel system. The Aerodynamic underfloor is ready for construction and the exhausts need finishing but it’s taking shape ready for the start of the next race season.

How to get rid of rust and make your car faster

Friday, June 11th, 2010

As AA Silencers is busy with Practical Performance Car Magazines racing efforts this year our Capri is not needed on track.  We decided this would be a good time to give it a bit of a freshen up and try to squeeze out a bit more speed. As always the main item on the agenda was weight saving but also to improve the aerodynamics and get rid of the rust that can creep in to any older car.

The solution was simple, identify any bits of the car you don’t need and cut them off, especially if there’s any rust in them. The shell has been multipointed and the cag extended and a complete new aero underfloor has been designed. There’s a huge amount of work to do but it shoudl be worth it when the car gets back on track. Here’s some pictures for the mean time




AA Silencers-gives you wiiiings

Tuesday, January 26th, 2010

The Capri has been resting over the winter but development has slowly been taking place. lighter rear brakes have been developed and some more weight has been trimmed from the shell. Wider wheels have been added and some modifications were required to get them in and still be able to turn the wheel! All of the glass bar the windscreen has now been binned in favour of plastic which again is a huge saving in weight and even the wing mirrors have shruk in the name of weight loss and better aero efficiency. The aero package has extended further than the mirrors though and the car now has a front air damn and rear wing, plus a few other cunning tweeks here and there. Now it’s time for more power so we’ve got a new engine in development which will hopefully give us an extra 100BHP or so. Fingers crossed



Monday, January 19th, 2009

2008-Capri- work began in earnest on AA Silencers next race car.

DSCF1305What was originally a 1.6 Ford Capri came in for some major work. This started by completely stripping it to a bare shell. All major areas of rust were tended to, all none structural metal was removed and a roll cage fabricated. Fibre glass wings, bonnet and tailgate were fitted and a new lightweight wiring harness was made. A new cross member was fabricated for the front to relocate suspension and steering components plus engine mounts for the new engine. An inlet manifold was fabricated from scratch to take an as yet untried inlet system combination and an ECU was sourced for the ignition. The wiring loom was made for the ECU and all necessary sensors sourced and brackets and adaptors made to fit them as required. The engine was fitted and rigged with a temporary cooling system. A dash was made and wired in to monitor everything and countless other jobs were completed to make all of these parts resemble a car and stand a chance of working. In late 2008 the key was turned and it fired in to life. All of the prototype systems functioned and the car could be driven. Although there was a huge amount of development to be done the ground work was laid for what would be a tremendous racing car.


2009- Capri- Endless development has continued with the Capri. Wheels tyres, brakes, suspension pick up points, axle and drive ratios, gearbox, differential, anew cooling system, a new lubrication system, more weight loss, aerodynamic aids, a new fuel delivery system, a new exhaust, more testing and more set up work and finally it is ready to race! Fingers crossed for the end result but hopes are high.

capri_FB           capri1_FB

September 2009- the big day has arrived, the first race for our capri. It was a 3 hour treck up to Cadwell Park near Skegness and we set up for the compulsary nights camping, BBQ and beer. 6am soon came around and the team were in full force preparing for Qualifying. The reward for their efforts was 3rd in class and no dramas with the car. It was a tremendous result from a new car at its first showing and all eyes were set on the race. Tension was high as everyone felt it was too good to be true, everyone knew there were always teething troubles and we were all waiting for them. A good start kept the car out of trouble and a super smooth pitstop jumped us up in to 2nd place. The car worked perfectly to the flag and the result was better than anyone could’ve imagined. Smiles all round on the long drive home and a thankfully short check list before the next race.

 Hammersley 1     Hammersley 2

The Capri was put to good use at the final race of the year at Snetterton.  There were many new cars entered in out class and Snetterton is an open fast circuit favouring big powered cars, so we were concerned we may be at a disadvantage. Despite being down on power to the big Jaguars, Porsches, Lotus’s and Ferrari’s we still qualified 4rd in class. A good start and hard fought opening laps brought us up to 3rd and closing on 2nd place when suspension failure led to an early end to the race. New suspenson was designed and built as the car had to run the following week at a magazine’s track day.  The car impressed and we may be running cars for the magazine ext year. Watch this space.  It was good to see several customers at the track day and is something we are hoping to build on in the new year.

hammersley 3           hammersley 4