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Mallory Park PPC Show

Friday, June 18th, 2010

AA Silencers was out in force at this years PPC show. We ran several cars there and drove the Practical Performance Car magazines Porsche on their behalf as the other magazine staff members were rather busy organising the event. Several staff members and customers drove on track in array of cars and the AA Silencers Capri was busy all day long giving passenger rides. The trade stand was busy with enquiries ranging from geomtry set up information to aerodynamic devices and engine conversions.


Adding Stiffness

Friday, June 11th, 2010

I’m sure many men and women out there will understand the importance of stiffness. The last thing anyone wants is something that’s supposed to be nice and stiff being all floppy and weak, worst still breaking off all together.

As I’m sure you’re aware I’m talking about MGZS Clutch brackets. They are prone to cracking and bending resulting in a sloppy clutch pedal or worse still a total loss of the clutch.

We have developed a modified bracket which addresses all of the weak points on the original design and reinforces any stress points inherent from the original mass production.

These brackets along with most other ZS180 parts ar available for MG Zed Bits


Hot Oil Headache part 2

Thursday, June 10th, 2010

No sooner had we completed the ZR than a ZS needed a rather large oil cooler fitting in to help deal with the extra power his new turbo was producing. Unfortunately on this one the front was already full of radiators and intercoolers. The solution? Put the oil cooler at the back.

A tunnel was cut to allow the air up to the cooler and vents were cut to duct to the rear. Pipework was easy this time thanks to a standard sandwich plate and plenty of room to run the hoses through the car. It still needs finishing off and painting but we need to give it a run and check to see how it controls the temperatures first. If oil runs too cold it’s worse than having it too hot.



Hot Oil Headache

Thursday, June 10th, 2010

If you had spent lots of thousands of pounds on a shiny new race engine you’d want to keep it safe.  When this ZR Trophy spec race car was fitted with it’s new 200BHP Janspeed built K series the owner was told he must be careful not to let the oil overheat.

Oil temperature has never been a problem in the past due to the oil/water intercooler fitted but now an extra oil/air cooler was required to satisfy Mr Engine Builder. Space behind the bumper wasn’t a problem but mismatched pipe threads, odd bore sizes and torturous pipe routes meant this job used a whole weeks worth of swear words in one day. It all went together in the end and now if the engine goes bang we know it’s the driver’s fault… Not that racing drivers ever make mistakes of course.



MG Zedbits

Thursday, June 10th, 2010

Ever Since the demise of MG in 2005 it has become increasingly hard to get hold of MG parts at reasonable prices.   Some of the models such as the ZS180 are fantastic cheap sporty cars which look great and are fantastic fun… until they go worng. Often the cost of parts can make small problems into potentialy fatal situations that can threaten to put great cars on the great scrap heap in the sky.

AA Silencers owner Mark Hammersley is an ex MG works driver and has a passion for these underestimated cars so AA Silencers has teamed up with Mg Zed Bits to provide cheap parts to the MG community.

AA Silencers already runs several MG’s and Rover race cars and has a wealth of performance knowledge. We are looking forward to developing improved parts for such items as week clutch systems, door handle repairs and overcoming other well known frailties. Also in development are performance mods for the KV6.