MG Zedbits

Ever Since the demise of MG in 2005 it has become increasingly hard to get hold of MG parts at reasonable prices.   Some of the models such as the ZS180 are fantastic cheap sporty cars which look great and are fantastic fun… until they go worng. Often the cost of parts can make small problems into potentialy fatal situations that can threaten to put great cars on the great scrap heap in the sky.

AA Silencers owner Mark Hammersley is an ex MG works driver and has a passion for these underestimated cars so AA Silencers has teamed up with Mg Zed Bits to provide cheap parts to the MG community.

AA Silencers already runs several MG’s and Rover race cars and has a wealth of performance knowledge. We are looking forward to developing improved parts for such items as week clutch systems, door handle repairs and overcoming other well known frailties. Also in development are performance mods for the KV6.




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