Diesel Particulate Filters

Diesel particluate filters are the latest piece of nonesense fitted to modern diesel cars and vans to satisfy emissions legisalation. They work by catching soot particles which are caught in a fine mesh. They build up in the mesh until the vehicles computer senses the time has come to burn them out, at which point a bit of extra fuel is injected into the exhaust to burn the carbon out at very high temperatures.  The theory is fine but the reality is they block up, restrict your cars power and put the engine management light on. They also normally cost about a thousand pounds to replace. Gulp.

AA Silencers has teamed up with Mike at Rapid Remap www.rapidremap.co.uk to provide a better solution. We at AA Silencers can remove the paarticulate filter and disconnect or relocate any relevant sensors. The car will then go to Mike who remaps the car to remove the management warning light and at the same time if required give you more power and better fuel economy. All of this at a fraction of the cost of your replacement Particulate Filter.  Everyones a winner.

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