Customers come first

Over the weeks leading upto Friday 13th, we had been carrying out some work on a Focus RS for a fellow enthusiast fitting spark plugs, boostpipes and swearing a lot trying to fit the uprated CFM gearbox stabilizerand charge cooler bushes. Anthony had agreed to pop down to Oulton on Friday for somepassenger laps in the Capri, as the spaces had already been filled the RS was going to stay parked up in the carpark.

Unfortuntely as the day approached we had several large jobs to complete and more than a few customers in need of our help so track days have to go on the back burner. During the hectic Friday the 13th we’d forgotten all about Anthony and his visit to Oulton, until that is he called from the track to ask where we were.  Knowing Anthony had the car for the job and was no virgin in the field of track days it was suggested he find a crash helmet and take our place.

300 BHP on a wet track in his pride and joy filled Anthony with a slight hint of fear but 25 laps later he was in his stride and glad he’d mde the journey. “Had brilliant fun, and just wanted to say a big thanks to Phil and Steve for sorting it out, and Mark for being a top bloke transferring the track pass.” – Anthony


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