Free Fuel for Stafford Forum

In December of 2011 a rogue satisfied customer created a post for AA Silencers on Stafford Forum. Generally I’m not big into forums as common theme forums (cars, racing etc) tend to be a bit inwardly focussed. It can sometimes get a bit of a shouting match over who knows the most. The other side to our job at AA Silencers isn’t about the cars, but about the people who drive them. Knowing you’ve served people well and being able to reach them is wonderful. Stafford forum brings the local community through the door and right there onto your computer screen. I was blown away that the people in our community would take their own time to start a thread about us and keep on posting such kind comments. Knowing that we’ve helped people makes the grazed knuckles and hammered fingers worth while. Because of that we’ve decided to give something back to the Stafford Forum members. When any member of Stafford Forum has had their car worked on at AA Silencers all they need to do is fill out a Good Garage Scheme feedback form (available on request). ¬†Each month we’ll draw one feedback form out of the hat and contact that person on Stafford Forum. If you fill one out be sure to leave your forum username on the feedback form so we can get in touch. The winner will receive a tank of fuel up to a maximum value of ¬£50. Maybe that’s not a whole tank of fuel for some cars but it’ll keep people on the road for a week or two. Every little helps and it’s our way of saying to our community- Thank you.



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