Flying Pig

This is something you’ll either get or will just not understand at all. The challenge was to find something truely different. In the car world just about evrything has been done and it’s hard to create a new idea without spending a fortune. We decided the craziest track car you could possibly use was a Reliant Robin, so we got one and turbo chraged it to see what would happen. It was good but not fast enough and still suffered from a lack of wheels, so we did the only sensible thing. We got a Honda VFR750 engine and designed a ful space frame chassis and cagearound the robin chassis. This incorporated such things as coil overs all round, subaru imprezza vented discs, hydraulically self loading suspension to counter body dive and roll and so many other little touches it’d take all day to list. Plans are to make a few people smile at tack days and shows this year. There’s still a lot to do but here’s some pictures of the build so far.


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