CSCC from Spa, Belgium

For the third round of the season we travelled to Belgium. Spa is a long time fixture on the Formula one calendar and an awesome circuit. Corners such as Eau Rouge and Blanchimont require so much accuracy, skill and bravery. The whole lap is a breath taking rollercoaster. On the thursday test we carried out a few minor changes which set the car perfectly for the circuit. In qualifying the rain came along but that had little effect on our pace, with the car once again finding itself on class pole. My co driver and car owner took the start but on the run to Eau Rouge dropped a couple of places with a missed gear. Trying to slot back into the pack he ran slightly wide on the exit and the rear wheel hooked the damp exit kerb pitching the car into a spin. Most of the pack avoided the spinning car but a Westfield also ran wide and hit the back of the Pug, now stationary on the grass. The result was the Peugeot was for the second time this year running on 3 wheels, and the race would go no further for us. 

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