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944 Nightmare

Thursday, September 8th, 2011

Sometimes what seems like a simple job can just keep snowballing. This 944 came in with a fairly small water leak. It turned out to be the water pump so we advised on new pump and cambelts while we were at it. ¬†Porsche had used mostly nuts and studs to hold the pump in place so with a bit of gas to heat up the nuts they were soon undone. Unfortunately they’d decided the bottom 2 fixings should be bolts into the block, and there’s no way to loosen them off. 20 years of aluminium reacting with steel meant that despite our best efforts the inevitable happened and the bolts broke in the block. A jig was made to locate the drill and using special bits the old bolts were carefully drilled out. New threads were tapped and the new pump went on. We had been supplied a later S2 pump having been told the earlier one was no longer¬†available. With a few changes it did fit but left an idler pulley sitting incorrectly on the cam belt. This lead to several days mix and matching S1 and S2 pulleys to get everything sitting right. All finished well with the job done and no problems. Not the easiest water pump to change though!