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TVR suspension that fights back

Tuesday, December 1st, 2009

I must confess to having a big soft spot for TVR’s of all ages even though I am more than aware of their various reputations for reliability.  As such I was looking forward to having this one in for a set of replacement coilovers and a quick set up of the geometry.  All went according to plan and the car was set up for a comfortable neutral ride a requested. We took the car out for a test drive and the ride was perfect. On the return journey though the car faltered at a set of traffic light and the engine died.  The TVR reliability reputaion had caught up with us.

The car was recovered back to the garage and work began on rectifying the problem.  every now and again the car would spring to life and run for a short distance only to die and require recovering again.  After much swearing, buning of hands on the cars beautifully promenant but extremely hot exhaust and a few cups of tea later the problem was traced to a loose fuel pump connection.  The terminal was recrimped and away went our customer to enjoy his comfy suspension.