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Track cars, tyre racks and engines

Thursday, September 24th, 2009

We worked with a customer last year organised a charity run in various Datsun Z cars.  We only had a small part to play but this year he turned up with a new challenge for us.  He had bought a Mitsubishi GTO Turbo as a track day toy nd it needed a bit of work doing.  It started with sorting the exhaust and checking it over then squeezing in a couple of bucket seats to it’s still fully furnished cabin.  The car is receiving a shake down at Silverstone when it’ll doubtlessly return with an extensive list of required develoment work! I suspect better brakes and a bit of a diet will be on the agenda, there’s loads of potential here just bursting to be unleashed.

We also had another tyre rack to build. This one was for a car transporter although we’ve done them for trailers and workshops too.


There have been plenty of diagnostic and engine rebuilds too. Fiats with missing cam lobes, Mercedes with broken valve springs, and the usual plentiful supply of MG/rover headgaskets!