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Westfield barn find

Monday, September 13th, 2010

In truth it’s less of a barn find and more of barn remembrance. The car is owned by Kev Leaper of PPC Magazine who we do various work for. This is a westfield XI, a copy of the Lotus XI. This car has been graced with bigger arches and a bonnet bulge to accomodate it’s vauxhall XE ‘redtop’ engine. It’s a fair deviation from how Lotus intended it to look but I thiink it looks like a rolling work of art, assuming that is you can see past the dust, rust and cobwebs.

The plan id to get it race ready, no mean feat but one we’re all set for. So far we’ve got it running and resolved a few cooling problems. The next obstacle was freeing off the brakes which wasn’t too hard, but then found that they wouldn’t bleed back up again. The master cylinder had seized so once that was replaced and several tight bleed nipples freed off it had brakes once again. Now we’re down to the nitty gritty of getting it set up and all those little details that take so much time but I can’t wait to see the car back on the race track

Mallory Park PPC Show

Friday, June 18th, 2010

AA Silencers was out in force at this years PPC show. We ran several cars there and drove the Practical Performance Car magazines Porsche on their behalf as the other magazine staff members were rather busy organising the event. Several staff members and customers drove on track in array of cars and the AA Silencers Capri was busy all day long giving passenger rides. The trade stand was busy with enquiries ranging from geomtry set up information to aerodynamic devices and engine conversions.


Hot Oil Headache part 2

Thursday, June 10th, 2010

No sooner had we completed the ZR than a ZS needed a rather large oil cooler fitting in to help deal with the extra power his new turbo was producing. Unfortunately on this one the front was already full of radiators and intercoolers. The solution? Put the oil cooler at the back.

A tunnel was cut to allow the air up to the cooler and vents were cut to duct to the rear. Pipework was easy this time thanks to a standard sandwich plate and plenty of room to run the hoses through the car. It still needs finishing off and painting but we need to give it a run and check to see how it controls the temperatures first. If oil runs too cold it’s worse than having it too hot.



Residential MK1 Escort

Monday, February 1st, 2010

Progress has been slow on our residential MK1 as we’ve been very busy of late. the snow in January stopped a few customers reaching us we had the time to get some done on it. We left it last time with very little floor and as welded began so more rust became apparent and more floor needed replacing. The metal that wasn’t rusty was like tissue paper so welding in structural modifications such as 4 link boxes or a roll cage without extra strength being added wouldn’t have been wise. After much welding, grinding, swearing and welding again the car finally has a large proportion of it’s major components and a floor pan strong enough to build in to. There’s a few finishing touches underneath then on to the roll cage.




Flying Pig

Monday, February 1st, 2010

This is something you’ll either get or will just not understand at all. The challenge was to find something truely different. In the car world just about evrything has been done and it’s hard to create a new idea without spending a fortune. We decided the craziest track car you could possibly use was a Reliant Robin, so we got one and turbo chraged it to see what would happen. It was good but not fast enough and still suffered from a lack of wheels, so we did the only sensible thing. We got a Honda VFR750 engine and designed a ful space frame chassis and cagearound the robin chassis. This incorporated such things as coil overs all round, subaru imprezza vented discs, hydraulically self loading suspension to counter body dive and roll and so many other little touches it’d take all day to list. Plans are to make a few people smile at tack days and shows this year. There’s still a lot to do but here’s some pictures of the build so far.


AA Silencers-gives you wiiiings

Tuesday, January 26th, 2010

The Capri has been resting over the winter but development has slowly been taking place. lighter rear brakes have been developed and some more weight has been trimmed from the shell. Wider wheels have been added and some modifications were required to get them in and still be able to turn the wheel! All of the glass bar the windscreen has now been binned in favour of plastic which again is a huge saving in weight and even the wing mirrors have shruk in the name of weight loss and better aero efficiency. The aero package has extended further than the mirrors though and the car now has a front air damn and rear wing, plus a few other cunning tweeks here and there. Now it’s time for more power so we’ve got a new engine in development which will hopefully give us an extra 100BHP or so. Fingers crossed


Customers come first

Wednesday, November 25th, 2009

Over the weeks leading upto Friday 13th, we had been carrying out some work on a Focus RS for a fellow enthusiast fitting spark plugs, boostpipes and swearing a lot trying to fit the uprated CFM gearbox stabilizerand charge cooler bushes. Anthony had agreed to pop down to Oulton on Friday for somepassenger laps in the Capri, as the spaces had already been filled the RS was going to stay parked up in the carpark.

Unfortuntely as the day approached we had several large jobs to complete and more than a few customers in need of our help so track days have to go on the back burner. During the hectic Friday the 13th we’d forgotten all about Anthony and his visit to Oulton, until that is he called from the track to ask where we were.  Knowing Anthony had the car for the job and was no virgin in the field of track days it was suggested he find a crash helmet and take our place.

300 BHP on a wet track in his pride and joy filled Anthony with a slight hint of fear but 25 laps later he was in his stride and glad he’d mde the journey. “Had brilliant fun, and just wanted to say a big thanks to Phil and Steve for sorting it out, and Mark for being a top bloke transferring the track pass.” – Anthony


Track cars, tyre racks and engines

Thursday, September 24th, 2009

We worked with a customer last year organised a charity run in various Datsun Z cars.  We only had a small part to play but this year he turned up with a new challenge for us.  He had bought a Mitsubishi GTO Turbo as a track day toy nd it needed a bit of work doing.  It started with sorting the exhaust and checking it over then squeezing in a couple of bucket seats to it’s still fully furnished cabin.  The car is receiving a shake down at Silverstone when it’ll doubtlessly return with an extensive list of required develoment work! I suspect better brakes and a bit of a diet will be on the agenda, there’s loads of potential here just bursting to be unleashed.

We also had another tyre rack to build. This one was for a car transporter although we’ve done them for trailers and workshops too.


There have been plenty of diagnostic and engine rebuilds too. Fiats with missing cam lobes, Mercedes with broken valve springs, and the usual plentiful supply of MG/rover headgaskets!

MG ZS track day car

Monday, July 20th, 2009

MGZSWe have worked with some guys in recent months in developing their MG track cars. One is an MGZS multi purpose family car come track day hack which interestingly is a diesel with enough torque to snap your neck thanks to a thoughtful remap and neatly installed intercooler. The other is an all out stripped bare and nicley set up MGZT V6. This has been built on a budget and has come to us to have some of it’s rough endges smoothed. With both cars looking good we headed for Donnington for some driver training. Wet weather made for an exciting day but great fun was had by all for a very small outlay.


Ferrari Exhausts

Monday, July 20th, 2009

We had a 599 Ferrari in or removeable custom track day cans.  Bit tricky this one because it had 4 tips and a tuning butterfly in 2 of them.  The system pressures were fluctuating from about 2000 RPM and it looked like we might need 4 cans.  In the end we isolated the tuned system, noise metered it and built cans to deal with the fixed system at minimum exhaust pressure with maximum back pressure from the cans. When the valves were opened the pressure balanced through the open pipes and the noise reading was spot on. Dropped it from 112 db to 94 db, still sounded lovely too.

DSCF1507     DSCF1509